Small Business

About Our Turnkey Small Business Solutions

Omega Media routinely helps small businesses discover new and innovate ways to put the web to work for their company. Rather than providing a glorified online brochure, we earnestly seek to uncover ways in which your website can solve problems, streamline operations, and contribute to the bottom line.

Top 10 Features Your E-Commerce Website Needs

Goodbye DIY

Omega Media’s turnkey, full-managed website solutions are designed to eliminate the learning curve associated with new software. You get to focus on what you do best and leave the heavy lifting to us.

Turnkey Website Solutions From Omega Media

Website Hosting

No one knows your website better than the people who built it, which is why we hand-tune our servers to maximize your site’s performance. Our clients enjoy FREE hosting for the life of their site.

Website Hosting From Omega Media

Advertisement Consulting

It’s hard to outrank a competitor who’s actively advertising and promoting its website on Google or Facebook. We help you stay competitive by suggesting how best to maximize your advertising budget.

Consulting Solutions

Quick Turnaround

Omega Media’s unique approach allows us to simultaneously design and develop your website. By eliminating the time spent on each component individually, you end up with a custom solution sooner.

Website Solutions with Quick Turnaround Times

Constant Iteration

The true value of your website is realized after it’s launched. By making data-driven decisions, we tweak layout, fix bugs, add features, upload content, and take care of just about anything else your website needs. This extends the life of your investment and increases performance.

Constant Website Iteration

Just a Call Away

Got a question? Give us a call. Or text. Or email. Or tweet. Or… You get it. We’re here when you need advice. And because we serve as your website concierge, we proactively take care of technical issues so you don’t have to figure them out yourself.

Omega Media Is Just a Phone Call Away

Graphics Generation & Professional Photography

Premium imagery and custom graphics keep visitors engaged and coming back to your website. We also offer professional studio photography to showcase your products in style.

Graphics Generation & Professional Photography

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Solid onsite SEO lies at the core of your website. It ensures that search engines recognize the content on your site and give you the ranking you deserve. Even better, your website’s mobile-friendly design helps you outrank the competition on Google, which heavily favors multi-device compatibility.

Small Business SEO Solutions From Omega Media

Analytics & Insight

Which page of your site is performing best? Where are your users located? We use powerful analytics tools to determine how your website is performing and make refinements to improve conversion. Convenient reporting delivers the latest statistics directly to your inbox.

Website Analytics & Insights From Omega Media

Security Monitoring & Backups

We proactively monitor your website to make sure it’s up and running smoothly. And while we take extra security precautions to make sure your site is ready for an attack, if it’s ever hacked we’ll restore it for free.

Security Monitoring & Website Backups