Our niche solutions perfectly meet the needs of those in the education arena. We free up your secretaries, empower your PTA, and improve the flow of information from the classroom to the home room. With a host of innovative, user-friendly features, your website quickly becomes the go-to resource for your school’s most important information.

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Stop wasting time with third-party e-commerce solutions and enjoy your own custom, fully integrated online shop. Our storefronts allow you to sell your digital and physical products, services, and subscriptions with incredible ease. Powerful behind-the-scenes features make it possible to compete with the biggest brands, without having the biggest budget.

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Small Business

Omega Media routinely helps small businesses discover new and innovate ways to put the web to work for their company. Rather than providing a glorified online brochure, we earnestly seek to uncover ways in which your website can solve problems, streamline operations, and contribute to the bottom line.

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