Frequently Asked Questions


How much does a new website cost?

Because we design and develop custom solutions, prices vary based on the scope of each project.

How much does the Website Improvement Plan cost?

The Website Improvement Plan costs $200/month. You can cancel at any time.

Are there any long-term commitments?


Does Omega Media offer a referral program?

Yes! For every new client you send our way, we’ll write you a check for $200! There is no limit to how much money you can earn.

Is the Website Improvement Plan mandatory?

The Website Improvement Plan is not mandatory, although it should be. Much of the value that Omega Media provides comes via the constant iteration based on insights gained after a website is launched.

What services does Omega Media offer?

You can learn about our services by clicking here.

We need a new website ASAP. How can we speed up the process?

Having your website’s copy written ahead of time can dramatically expedite the site’s launch. We don’t start designing until we have a good sense of how much copy there is and how it’s to be structured throughout the site. Beginning a project with the copy in place allows us to hit the ground running.

How long does it take to design and develop a new site?

There are many factors that determine how long the site will be in development, but a good rule of thumb is one month.

Can we manage the website ourselves?

Our Website Improvement Plan covers all content additions and modifications your site needs. Should you choose to forgo this service, we’ll provide you with basic training and video tutorials that allow you to make simple adjustments to your site’s content.

Will our new website be backwards-compatible with older web browsers?

All of our websites maintain full functionality to at least one previous release of all major web browsers. This means that even if your users aren’t using the latest edition of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari, they will still view your website the way it was meant to be seen. Backwards compatibility beyond one previous version will vary on each project and depends on the browser used. Our goal is to design for the future and take advantage of the latest web technologies without leaving too many behind.

Do we need to take advantage of social media?

Generally speaking, if your organization can spare even a little time, the answer is yes. Social media provides an incredible way to interact with past and future customers, generate buzz, and even increase your ranking in search results. By spreading your name to multiple platforms beyond your website, you’re quite literally covering more digital ground and offering new avenues for people to find you. Of course, the degree of social integration varies for each type of business, but everyone should be using it to some extent.

What is responsive design?

Websites are no longer confined to desktops and laptops. Instead, society is increasingly mobile, which means that your site is being viewed on mobile devices like cell phones and tablet computers. Having a site that adapts to an endless array of screen sizes ensures that text and content stay readable no matter where or how it is viewed. Most importantly, Google now rewards sites in search results that are optimized for those on the go.

We aren’t based in Orange County. Will you work with us?

Yes! The digital nature of web design and development allows us to work with businesses across the United States.

What happens with our current website during and after development of our new one?

Omega Media builds your new site in a development environment. Clients can monitor progress of the new site and guide changes without affecting their existing site. When it’s time for launch, your old website will be archived and replaced with the new one.

How are Omega Media’s solutions better than DIY solutions from companies like Squarespace and Wix?

Omega Media’s custom website solutions are intended for organizations that understand their web presence is best left to professionals. Our clients are experts in their respective fields and don’t have the time or desire to tinker with an out-of-the-box answer. Most importantly, our goal isn’t to give you just a website; it’s to give you a legitimate tool that you can use to expand your organization.

Does Omega Media host email?

Omega Media believes in best-of-breed services, and, consequently, does not provide email hosting. That said, we will happily point you in the right direction and help you get setup if you don’t already have an email hosting provider. For starters, Google Apps, Zoho, and Rackspace are all terrific solutions.

What makes Omega Media’s website hosting so special?

Our hosting environment is hand-tuned to take full advantage of your new website. We store pre-loaded (cached) versions of your website from our data center in Los Angeles, ensuring that visitors experience the fastest load times possible. And for your international audience, we intelligently serve your site from any of 33 additional data centers located around the world.

We already have a hosting company. Can you work with them?

Our hosting is FREE for the life of your site, but if you prefer to host with your existing provider, we will gladly review the environment to determine if it will serve as a good home for your new site.

Will our new website be PCI-compliant?

Yes. Transactions that take place on your website are made via a secure connection on standards compliant servers. Payment information is never stored locally.

Is there any limit to the number of products that we can sell on our website?

No. You can sell an unlimited number of goods, services, and subscriptions.

How are we able to receive $50,000 transaction-fee free?

Omega Media is pleased to integrate with Braintree, an all-in-one payment processor and merchant account. Their Ignition program offers new clients an opportunity to get the ball rolling without being slowed down by fees. Once you go beyond $50,000 in sales, their rate returns to 2.9% + 10 cents/transaction.

Do you start from scratch or will you modify our existing website?

Omega Media builds its websites from the ground up. However, we do our best to salvage any useful material from an existing website to give us a head start.

What’s the life expectancy of our new website?

Omega Media is proud to say that some of our highest performing sites are also our oldest. Our Website Improvement Plan can dramatically extend the life of the site to 3+ years by keeping it constantly updated, patched, secured, and relevant.