Website Improvement Plan

About This Service

We are passionate about the web and love working with clients who understand their online potential. These organizations don’t view a website as a one-time expense that sits in cyberspace. Instead, they view their website as a value-adding investment. It is something that is constantly improved and nurtured. Unfortunately, most organizations lack the time and know-how to properly manage and maintain a custom site.

Enter Omega Media’s Website Improvement Plan. This optional offering provides clients a commitment-free way to ensure that their website is always up-to-date and fighting for their business. It is a truly turnkey program that eliminates learning curves and allows us to become your digital department.

Need a new PDF posted? No problem. Add an event or two to the calendar? You got it.

In addition to simple content additions and modifications, the Website Improvement Plan includes software patches and updates that extend the life of your website. This type of maintenance is beyond the scope of most clients seeking to self-manage their site.

The following services are included in our commitment-free Website Improvement Plan:

  • Content Updates
  • Graphic Design
  • Analytics Reports
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing Management
  • Backups
  • Bugfixes and Patches
  • Advertising Consulting

In addition to the items listed above, other routine services may be added that are specific to your organization’s online needs.