About This Service

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps connect people to the stories, information, and organizations relevant to their interests. When you harness the power a focused search strategy, you claim high rankings in search engines and establish industry authority.

Omega Media seeks to demystify the complex world of search engines through effective onsite and offsite SEO strategies.

Because search engines are nothing more than machine algorithms, they rely on well-written code and a host of best practices to interpret what your website is about and how it should be ranked. Onsite SEO makes sure that your website’s content, menus, pictures, and other components are all easily identifiable by the “spiders” that crawl and index your site.

Once a search engine knows what your website is about, it needs to determine how much authority it has. It does this by analyzing the number of websites that link to and reference yours. Essentially, your website needs to earn a reputation as an authority on a subject before it will be ranked well by search engines. This is known as offsite SEO and is far more challenging than traditional onsite SEO. Clients engaged in our Website Improvement Plan enjoy ongoing offsite SEO efforts directed toward earning reputable backlinks that help prove your value to search engines.